Where can I buy 3D glasses locally
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Where can I buy 3D glasses locally
To watch a 3 D movie, you definitely need a 3D glasses, so where can I buy one locally without breaking the bank?  
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There you go. Nothing beats getting a firsthand knowledge from people that actual use a product or service. Click on 3D glasses for more reviews and where you can purchase them locally.
It is advisable to purchase a 3 D glasses that delivers the goods and also is affordable. Through internet research we uncovered the Samsung 3D glasses as the the best medium to enjoy 3 D movies especially using Samsung TV’s.

They make the characters come alife and like they say, “ seeing is believing.” But, don’t take out word for it. What do other  users of this product have to say?
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Best Glasses for the money
By J.R. "Electronic Addict"

For $30 compared to the 2 other models available at over twice to 3 times as much, these are far better. Pros are as follows: side shields on these block some peripheral view to immerse you in the 3D better, lightweight enough to not create a problem when wearing through several movies in a row, Batteries last long enough to probably not have to be changed for a month of weekly movie watching and game playing, Batteries are a standard CR2025 watch battery that can be found just about anywhere from your local 24 hour pharmacies to Walmart.

Juat be aware that they are fragile and the frame does not wrap the bottom side of the lens, so care must be taken when placing them down on a hard surface as the lenses are liquid crystal and somewhat delicate. 

By Majid Jan
These Glasses are very light and comfortable.
I bought 4 of them and I am thinking of getting more (just in case).
once the battery is in and the ON button is pressed, connects with the TV with no problems, image is Excellent.

I love them,

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where can I buy 3D glasses
Where can I buy 3d glasses