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iPhone Case
By 4 Regular Folks Consumer electronics editor
When it comes to the iphone, from the packaging to the product itself, everything is so meticulously done. The iphone is one of those tools you do not want to put to use right away once you pull it out of its package for fear of causing some damage to it. The iphone is a work of art, and like most works of art in museums must be protected in such a way that you still have access to it. So, you need an iphone case that will protect and secure your phone and still gives you unhindered access to all its functions while maintaining its beauty.

Buying an iphone case provides food for thought for an iphone owner because nobody wants a big and bulky case that would be uncomfortable to carry and making your pockets have funny bulges; and in the worst case compromising functionality. However, today with the advancements in iphone case designs, you can now purchase slim and streamlined cases that will provide superior protection and no loss in iphone functions at all.

Different types of iphone cases
There are different types of iphone cases for different users and different situations:

The iphone pocket pouch:-This iphone case will fit perfectly into your pocket. It is perfect for any one who intends to keep their iphone safe, free from scratches without the bulkiness traditional leather cases provide. The pocket pouch iphone case is ideal for students and professionals. These smart looking and stylish pouches will keep your iphone safe from regular wear and tear, while still giving your phone a sophisticated look. As an added benefit, they come in different colors for you to choose from. Other advantages of this iphone case include:

  • Easy accessibility to the phone
  • Could be clipped on your belt to prevent it from being dropped
  • Protects the iphone screen from scratches

The iphone invisibleshield: - The iphone invisible shield as the name suggests is an ultra thin clear film that you can place right over the surface of your iphone protecting the screen from scratches and dents and still maintaining all the functions of the iphone. This iphone invisible shield has many advantages:

  • Very light in weight you won’t even know its there
  • Allows 100% use of the touch screen surface
  • It’s a clear film that fits perfectly on the screen preventing scratches
  • Easy to install and easy to remove
  • Will not leave any residue on the screen of the iphone when removed.

Iphone workout case: -The apple iphone is a versatile tool and as you already know doubles as a smart cell phone and an ipod. Most people buy the iphone to replace their present cell phones and cell phone provider with ATT because of this added benefit. This iphone case comes in very useful during exercises and workout sessions. To prevent sweat and other elements from damaging your iphone and at the same time maintaining its functionality, the iphone workout case is a must have for any exercise enthusiast.

It keeps your phone looking great; you can listen to your music or audio book or podcast as your keep your body healthy and well toned without compromising the safety of your phone or running without music. Other advantages of an iphone workout case includes:

  • Its very light in weight
  • Can easily be worn on the upper arm without hindering your movement
  • Prevents your iphone from being dropped
  • Protects the iphone from scratches and from theft.

The iphone skin: - The iphone skin is an iphone case that fits on the iphone like a second skin. Actually most iphone skins are put on just the way you would put on a glove on your hand. If you already own an iphone you will agree with me that the surface doesn’t have much of a grip and could easily be dropped if your are not careful, but, with the iphone skin you have solid glue like grip on your phone.

The iphone case comes in different forms, designs and colors. There is the ultra thin hard shell case that snaps in over the back and sides of the iphone providing amazing grip and actually protecting the back and sides of the phone if accidentally dropped. Other advantages of the iphone skin include:

  • Very easy to install and remove
  • Does not leave any residues
  • Comes in as many different colors
  • Iphone functionality is maintained

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