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iPhone Unlock
By 4 Regular Folks Consumer electronics editor
The iphone is one of the world’s most popular phones and was originally made available through an exclusive deal with ATT, a mobile phone network in the US. That was when the original iphone came out. Today the iphone is available in the United Kingdom, and plans are on the way to expand the availability to other mobile networks and hopefully other countries.

However, If you live in any other parts of the world where ATT does not have a mobile network, or even if you are in the US and are not interested in changing your cell phone provider you can still make use of the iphone through a process known as unlocking. Once your iphone is unlocked you can put in a SIM card and start using the iphone on any GSM network of your choice.

It is no secret that apple has sold more iphones than ATT has acquired new customers to its iphone arrangement with apple. Iphones are in use all over the world, either as stand alones or with a phone line. Hackers quickly got onto the job of unlocking the iphone as soon as it was released, playing around with its firmware until the code was eventually cracked
Other folks have had the iphone unlocked just to use it as an ipod for music, video and other internet capabilities without having to connect to AT & T’s network. You can actually access the internet with your unlocked iphone anywhere WiFi is available. With this arrangement people can use VOIP services such as Skype. The only downside is that they must be where a WiFi access is to be able to place calls.

Unlocking your iPhone, is it a good idea? It depends on your views. On one hand there are legal and ethical issues with hacking into the firmware in general. However, your intent on why you are doing this also comes into play. Apple and AT&T have an exclusive agreement as far as cell phone service goes. Apple does not recommend the use of any other SIM card other than the one that came with your phone but it does not specifically prohibit it either. If you bought the iPhone to use for content and internet only or even if you plan to use it as an expensive Skype VOIP phone, that is your business and you should be able to do this without signing up for expensive cell phone service you do not need. Unlocking your iPhone, is it a good idea? Your call.

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