Best paper plane

Best paper plane
Best paper plane
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Best paper plane
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Most adults fondly remember building paper airplanes as kids. It was a lot of fun and it got kids to play together. Before you became proficient in making paper planes, it kind of was frustrating, but as soon as you figured it out, it becomes a lot of fun. As you become good in making a regular paper plane, the challenge then becomes who can make the plane that could fly in a straight line, or the paper plane that could remain airborne the most.

Sometimes, using a paper plane was the best way to deliver a message to the girl you liked in class. You build your plane, write your message, toss it in her direction and hope for the best. As a messenger,  the design of the paper plane was very important to make sure it flew in a straight line and hits the target and not get the wrong person.
Today, there are so many different designs of paper planes; and the best paper plane is the one you make and had a lot of fun making and playing with it. Below are some tips that will guide you in making a plane that is pleasing to the eyes and with sustained flight.

Tips on building the Best paper plane

Flat and dry surface

To build the best paper plane you need a flat surface, otherwise your project will be shaky. You can always improvise a flat surface such as a big book, your laptop when not in use, but a table is always the best and it must be dry and clean. Remember, the paper is very light and any moisture on it would jeopardize the outcome of your plane.

Paper selection

The thickness of the paper is very important. For the plane you make to eventually fly, it needs to be light in weight. When making your plane look for the lightest paper. You can grab one of the standard 8.5 x 11 papers used in most home printers. Most people make their planes from plain white paper, but you can make yours more attractive by using colored paper. Remember it must be of light weight.

Pencil and ruler

Ideally most paper plane designs are easy and you do not need a pencil and ruler to guide you. But when you are more adventurous and want to design stealth bomber like paper planes and other funky designs, then a pencil and paper could come in handy. When making a paper plane following a design from a book or instructive video, you would need a ruler and pencil to measure out and mark the correct length to crease or fold.

Design and style

I only knew about 2 paper plane designs when I was growing up, but today there is quite a bunch. There are books dedicated to paper airplane designs alone, and lots of instructional videos to match.
Again after you are conversant with the basic design, the next step is to make designs that will do what you want them to do. Fly in a straight path, soar real high, float around, take dives etc. You can experiment on your own and try to come up with a unique design. The DC-3 of paper planes was a design Michael O’Reilly learnt in the summer of 1950 and since then he has devoted himself to teaching that unique model to eight year olds. Click on best paper plane to watch an instructional video on how to make that design.

Launching your paper plane

Once you are done with building your plane, the next step is to launch it. You have to use the motion of your hand to drive the launch. Remember when it comes to paper planes; it must be a soft launch. If you propel it forward with too much force it simply takes a nose dive.

Practice and patience

Even with the best designed paper airplanes, whether it flies or not depends on the way it is launched. You have to practice your launch until you have command of it. A good way to practice is by throwing darts as per Dart game.

The next step after paper planes are RC helicopters. With advances in technology, they no longer cost an arm and a leg. For $20 plus you can get a durable Syma chopper that will survive the learning curve. They are very exciting toys enjoyed by kids and adults too.