How to paint landscapes

How to paint landscapes
How to paint landscapes - Acrylic painting techniques
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Landscape painting is not as difficult as ou think. Some people are natural painters nad others have to learn, just as we learn most other aspects of life. The first place to start in interest. Once you are interested in painting and make the time to practice and follow the step by step lessons found here, you will be surprised by the masterpieces you turn out; and your friends and family will definitly be blown, away.

You never know, there might be a Piccaso hidden inside you, but the first step will be to put brush on canvas. I don't know what your special medium is but we cover it all. Painting on canvas, wood and or hardboard. Learn how to paint clouds, Tulips, trees, the ocean etc.

Don't know where to start? Click on painting materials to get all you need to begin your journey into creating excellent landscapes.