Where can I buy 80 s clothes
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Where can I buy 80 s clothes
The 80 s where a fun time with cutting egde fashion and music. With the right clothing you can relive the 80’s
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You can still recapture the fashion trends of the 80’s .
Click on where to buy 80’s cloths for an assortment of the top fashion trends of the period at affordable prices.
but where can you get the outfits?  In the 80’s one of the top female musicians then was Madonna. She clearly defined the pop culture of the day spandex, leg warmers, tights worn in different combinations.

Below is an article by Andrew Cauthen that captures the top 5 80s clothing trend
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Top 5 80s Clothing Trends
By Andrew B. Cauthen

There are five distinctive trends that went rampant in the 80s which are interesting enough for us to savor one by one here.

Hip hop fashion. 'Hey guys, what you need are a little more hip, and a little more hop'. We were spellbound by the outfits and accessories sold at the best hip hop clothing stores and the background of this culture back in the retro years. Hip hop was a subculture by the African American that swept across the world as soon as it came out. The music and the clothing serve as part of the expression and attitudes of hip hop culture.

Evolution of punk fashion. In the eighties, the punks rose up to show offensive, appalling and disobedient statement to the world. Punk clothing style is all about rebellion and compelling no-no statement. 'I got my own way of living that I do not give a damn to anyone or anything'. Ripped hoodies, torn clothing, bondage pants, combat boots and bullet belts said it all.

Off-the-shoulder vs big shoulders look. As long as shoulders are being concerned, there are two kind of extreme looks for women's choices. Off-the-shoulder look was inspired by Flashdance in the early eighties. It is so famous that it often makes a comeback in contemporary fashion show as well as the favorite style in the design of sexy clothing and sheer clothing. Big shoulders came the other way round. Women wore shirts or dresses with shoulder pads to cover the blemish of their shoulders. Though it looked manly it was one of the 80s clothing trends much adored.

Clip-on-one-side t-shirts and tight jeans. You might wonder why people clipped on their oversized t-shirts on one side. It was probably because they did not want the gigantic t-shirts to eclipse the sweet three quarter leggings. Bleached and ripped tight jeans were another rocking stuff to put on due to the punk influence. Again, both men and women wore tight, and really tight jeans back then.
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