Peppa Pig
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If you have kids or work with kids, you do not need to be told the effect Peppa Pig has on young children. It keeps them engaged and focused and teaches them new things in a subtle way.

What is Peppa Pig all about? As you already know it is a children’s show broadcast in the UK and the US with each program lasting about 5 minutes. It revolves around Peppa and her family; her dad, mum, younger brother George and their friends.

Peppa and her family are pigs while their friends are depicted by different mammals from the broader mammal species family. The program is targeted towards young kids of a certain age and this can be noted in how the age of Peppa is the same as that of her friends; and George is age mates to his friends too.

Peppa pig is an educational piece of work and teaches young children a lot with each episode. The characters tend to function as humans even though they look like the animal they represent and occasionally make sounds of the animal they depict, in Peppas case a pig with occasional grunting. They carry out day to day activities you would see in a normal young family such as swimming, biking, going to the playground and visiting grandparents. Peppa pig toys and educational accessories are also available for your kids to learn more about Pappa and her friends.

We have put together a collection of Peppa Pig episodes above, for your enjoyment!
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